West Nile, how to defend yourself from the mosquito virus (which circulates in 5 regions). The victims

Rome, 21 July 2022 – Mosquito alarm And West Nile fever: 4 elderly dead between Ferrara, Padua and Novara, while 2 new cases are reported today by the Euganea USSR.

The reservoirs of the virus – recalls the Higher Institute of Health – are wild birds and mosquitos (more frequently than guy Culex)“. The virus, according to the latest ISS bulletin, is currently circulating in 5 regions: Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Sardinia. This was confirmed by veterinary surveillance on “horses, mosquitoes, sedentary and wild birds”. While the mayors run for cover. In Imola disinfestation obligation before outdoor events. Who fails, risks up to 500 euro fine.

West Nile, a dead man in Novara

And it’s died yesterday at the Maggiore hospital of Novara the patient struck by the West Nile virus infection who had been hospitalized in the Novara hospital. No official information is communicated by the hospital management but according to what has been learned the man would have been suffering from other serious pathologies, and the virus would have done nothing but worsen an already largely compromised health situation. The second infected Piedmontese patient is instead hospitalized in the Infectious Diseases ward of the Sant’Andrea di Vercelli hospital. His condition does not seem to cause particular concern.

Two deaths in Padua

In the Paduan area they are two victims attributable to encephalitis caused by the West Nile virus. After the83 years old died at the end of last week in Geriatrics a It’s raining Saccoon the evening of Tuesday 19 July atSchiavonia hospital also died a man of 77 anni of Legnaro. It is a person with previous pathologies, hospitalized with a neurological picture from West Nile. “His conditions worsened very quickly – explains Luca Sbrogiò, director of the Prevention Department of the Venetian Ulss 6 – just enough time to submit him to the examinations and he died”.

A victim in Ferrara

Died in the hospital of Cona, in Ferrara, an 88-year-old man living in Copparo. He had been hospitalized for a severe form of encephalitis which, as confirmed by laboratory investigations, is attributable to the West Nile virus. The confirmed case was communicated to the Ferrara Ausl, which immediately activated the epidemiological investigation. Positive people have been registered in these days Modena it’s at Ravenna.

The Issue Bulletin of July 20

The Istituto Superiore di Sanità writes: “Since the beginning of June 2022, 15 confirmed cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) infection in humans have been reported in Italy; of these 9 manifested themselves in the neuro-invasive form (4 Emilia-Romagna , 3 Veneto, 2 Piedmont), 5 cases identified in blood donors (2 Lombardy, 3 Veneto) and 1 symptomatic case (1 Veneto). The first human case of the season was reported by Veneto in June in the province of Padua ” . Then the official death toll: “Four deaths were reported among the confirmed cases (2 in Veneto, 1 in Piedmont and 1 in Emilia-Romagna)”. But the toll could worsen. “In addition to the cases described above – writes the ISS -, three neuro-invasive cases are being confirmed in Veneto, of which two have died”.

Here the full bulletin of the ISS

“How to protect yourself from Culex mosquitoes”

Remember the ISS: it doesn’t exist a vaccine for West Nile fever. “Currently vaccines are being studied, but for the moment prevention consists mainly in reduce exposure to mosquito bites. Therefore it is advisable to protect yourself from bites and prevent mosquitoes from reproducing easily: using repellents and wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts when outdoors, especially at sunrise and sunset; using mosquito nets on the windows; emptying frequently flower pots or other containers (eg buckets) with backwater;
frequently changing the water in the bowls for the animals; holding swimming pools for children upright when not in use “.

Mosquito and West Nile virus, what to know

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