"We’re going to go up to 10 doses…" : Benjamin Castaldi’s revelations on vaccination against Covid-19 may not please everyone!

One of the last measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic, wearing a mask in transport, will end this Monday, May 16, as Olivier Véran announced after the Council of Ministers, Wednesday, May 11. “We consider that it is no longer appropriate to keep this obligation to wear a mask in public transport”he justified.

A subject that was mentioned, this Friday, May 13, on the set of TPMP: Weekend with Benjamin Castaldi at the presentation. Besides, Cyril Hanouna’s replacement had a lot of information to share. “It has not been announced but in the software for nurses and doctors, we will go up to 10 booster doses”. What cause sighs all over the set. “I give you a scoop, I have a well-placed person who makes vaccines, who received his new software. Here we are at a recall of four doses and we will go up to ten. A recall, every three month”.

For his part, Bernard Montiel also had another scoop. “So maybe you’re right but I have another info” “He’s trying to find a single vaccine that would be to do it once a year”

The former Secret Story host also talked about the arrival of new variants arriving from the southern hemisphere.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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