Welington Camargo talks about exoskeleton that will be ready soon: “It will help in everything”

Wellington Camargo51 years old, said he is anxious to start using his exoskeleton 一 equipment that allows people with limited leg mobility and wheelchair users, in different cases, to walk and even climb stairs.

When talking about the equipment, the brother of Zezé Di Camargo and Lucianwho became paraplegic at age 2 after polio, was optimistic:

“The exoskeleton is in the planning process and will soon be ready. The exoskeleton will help with everything. It improves blood pressure, blood circulation, heart rate, among other things,” he explained to Quem.

Earlier this year, Welington underwent spinal surgery for high-intensity scoliosis. In recovery, he explained that the procedure was not done for the adaptation of the exoskeleton, but it helps with adaptation.

“The surgery wasn’t exactly done for the use of the exoskeleton, but so that I could have better health. On the other hand, surgery cooperates for its use. There is no pain after surgery, but there has not yet been a full recovery. In fact, I will have to be careful as long as I live,” she explained.

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