Weekend Tip | Oscar nominees in streaming – Part 2

Continuing with our special of possible nominees to the Oscar that are already available on streaming, this week we bring five more films that have already given rise to talk about the former popular Golden Globe and that will probably be present at the most famous ceremony in cinema in just over two months. Next week, part 3 of this special will feature five more movies. Check out!

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Attack of the Dogs (Netflix)

favorite of a lot, Attack of the Dogs will most likely draw attention to the awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress. That’s because he adapts a very complex book into a dramatic western about two brothers who rule the Montana lands in the 1920s. Everything goes mysteriously well, until one of the brothers falls in love with a widow, bringing chaos to the family, already that the other brother does not accept the relationship and decides to do everything to sour the relationship.

Introducing the Ricardos (Amazon Prime Video)

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Based on the true story of the actress Lucille Ball, which became world famous for I Love Lucy, this film tells the story of an aspiring actress who lands small roles in the 1940s, who marries a young Cuban boy at a very young age. As she grows up on TV, she tries to find jobs for her lover. with the success of I Love Lucy, however, begins to reverberate a controversy that could end up ruining not only the couple’s marriage, but also Lucille’s career and life. Despite not having done so well in the reviews, the performance of Nicole Kidman in the lead role is unanimous and will likely earn her a Best Actress nomination.

Danube (HBO Max)

Candidate for practically all the technical categories of the Oscars, it is likely that Danube also win Best Picture and Best Director nominations. Adapting the “unadaptable” eponymous book by Frank Herbert, this feature tells the story of a family influential in space politics, which is sent to a desert planet where the most valuable substance in the galaxy is mining. The problem is that they will soon discover that they have entered into a political conspiracy, becoming a major target for interplanetary threats. Thus, it is up to the young Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) explore this new planet, where you will find yourself the chosen one of an ancient local prophecy.

Tick, Tick…Boom! (Netflix)

with direction of Lin-Manuel Miranda, this movie is obviously a musical. It tells the story of Jon (Andrew Garfield), a 29-year-old boy who is in his last week of youth and realizes that he has spent his last years on a project that may not work out. And if it doesn’t work out, he’ll feel like he’s failed in life. So he takes that final time to work on the missing part of his musical to try to get it to Broadway’s best producers. Will he make it? Despite being a very popular film, it is likely to earn “only” two nominations: Best Actor for Andrew Garfield, who would arrive as one of the favorites for the award, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Macbeth’s Tragedy (Apple TV+)

Based on the tragedy of William Shakespeare, this film directed by Joel Coen is another one that should get many nominations in technical categories, but that should also nominate for Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. The story, starring Denzel Washington, brings Lord Macbeth back from a confrontation, when he comes across three witches who guarantee he will be the next King of Scotland. When he gets home, he tells his wife the news, who, along with him, starts planning the execution of the current king, just to ensure that Macbeth takes the throne. But, as the title suggests, things don’t go so well.

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