Weekend Tip | Movies for every taste on Netflix

Despite losing subscribers at a frightening rate in recent months, the Netflix continues as the most popular streaming in Brazil. Faced with so many options in the catalog, CinePOP selected five of them to help you choose what to watch this weekend. Check out!

Journey to the Top of the Earth

Based on a manga, this unusually animated adventure follows a young Japanese photojournalist investigating the first expedition to Mount Everest, until the day he finds a camera with images that will immerse him in the world of mountaineering after a legendary climber who everyone believed to have disappeared years ago.

Rush – On the Edge of Emotion

Based on the true story of Formula 1, this film follows the growing rivalry between the drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt, as they duel on and off the track, competing to see who can get the best cars, the best sponsorships and even the best companies. It’s a fantastic drama about the backstage of the romantic era of F-1, capable of winning over even those who don’t care about the sport.

run away

Launched during the most complicated phase of the pandemic, run away it’s a horror that was successful at launch, but ended up not being remembered as well. The plot revolves around an overprotective mother and her sick daughter, who decides to live her own life away from her mother. The problem is that the woman doesn’t accept this well and begins to turn the girl’s life into hell, making her suspicious of her own mother’s intentions. It’s a heavy story, but told in a tense and very interesting way.

Circle of fire

tribute to Guillermo Del Toro to giant monster anime, Circle of fire is a visually enchanting adventure about a future in which unknown creatures invade Earth weekly through a portal in an ocean face. The alternative chosen by humanity is to create giant robots that can be controlled by pairs through a neural connection. So when they decide to bomb the force, the last team of pilots is called in to save the day. The premise may seem out of date, but the film’s aesthetic and the story’s pace will excite anyone.


If we open this article with an indication of a manga adaptation, nothing fairer than ending it with another one. akira It is one of the greatest works of fiction of all time. Set in the distant year of 2019, the city of Neo Tokyo, which is nothing more than a rebuilt Tokyo after the Third World War, has to deal with gang fights and troublemakers. The plot follows Kaneda and his friends, who become involved in a government conspiracy, which kidnaps one of the gang members to experiment on him, aiming to turn him into a soldier with paranormal powers. Now, they’ll need to stop the army before things go wrong again. The feature is an icon of fiction and the whole atmosphere cyberpunk elevated him to the status of a reference in world pop culture.

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