Wednesday: What have you seen Jenna Ortega, the star of the Netflix series, in?

The young Jenna Ortega lends her features to the famous Wednesday in the eponymous series by Tim Burton available on Netflix. But where have you ever come across the actress, who is establishing herself as a rising star in horror cinema?

Jenna Ortega, from Disney to Sydney

Jenna Ortega, a native of the famous city of Coachella, California, first became known in a register very different from that in which she is illustrated today. Indeed, the young woman acquired a certain notoriety by landing the main role of the series Harley, the least of my worriesbroadcast on Disney Channel in 2016. She was then 14 years old.

Jenna Ortega in Harley the least of my worries © Disney Channel

Like Ryan Gosling, Selena Gomez or even Cole Sprouse before her, the actress therefore cut her teeth in the famous American team. Before Harley, she appears in several programs, including the series Jane the Virginin which she lends her features to the child heroine, just that. Note that the young woman also appears in the casting of Iron Man 3 Or a horror movie Insidious 2. An experience which, as you will see below, seems to have left its mark!

A scary actress

After a relatively sanitized start to his career, Jenna Ortega sees herself increasingly in demand in dark works, even glaucous. It is found in particular in season 2 of the disturbing Youthen in horror comedy The Baby Sitter: Killer Queen. In Yes Day, she is the daughter of Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez for the time of a family and crazy feature film. Change of register with The Falloutin which she portrays a teenager traumatized by a tragedy at her high school.

Now twenty years old, Jenna Ortega had a busy 2022, since it is found in many programs! She is thus one of the stars of the horror film X, the first part of Ti West’s triptych, alongside Mia Goth, which depicts the nightmare of a gang of young people who want to shoot a porn movie on an isolated farm run by an elderly couple. The actress is also one of the figureheads of the new opus of Scream, in which she lends her features to Tara Carpenter. Spoiler alert: we will also find it in the sixth part of the saga haunted by Ghostface.

Jenna Ortega in Scream
Jenna Ortega in Scream © Paramount

Jenna Ortega, obvious choice for Wednesday ?

The talent, the filmography – full for her young age – and the chubby features of the actress have made her the new face of the atypical Wednesday. In a short behind-the-scenes video from Netflix, Tim Burton goes so far as to compare the young woman to a silent film actress. A fine compliment, although in competition with the following: the director ofEdward Scissorhands claims to be unable to imagine another Wednesday !

Soon, Jenna Ortega will be in the cast of Finestkinda thriller worn by the great Tommy Lee Jones. In American Carnage, she will portray a daughter of undocumented immigrants who is forced to join a program for young people in her case, founded by the government. To escape the unjust prosecutions that hang over them, teenagers have to take care of elderly people. Finally, in 2023, she will play a literature student who has a special relationship with his creative writing teacher (Martin Freeman).

So what have you seen Jenna Ortega in? Are you convinced by its performance in Wednesday ?

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