Wednesday on TV: Wacky fantasy action spectacle on TV that was completely lost in the cinema

With an extraordinary mixture of fantasy and action, this film didn’t convince at the box office, but it’s still worth it.

sucker Punch

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Zack Snyder managed to combine history with dark fantasy with the film “300”. With “Sucker Punch” in 2011 he created another style mix between psychedelic fantasy, action and woman power. On Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 10:05 p.m can you open the strip cable one follow along. We’ll tell you here what Snyder’s action adventure is about and why it’s worth tuning in.

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The wacky plot of “Sucker Punch”

After the death of Babydoll’s (Emily Browning) mother, she is at the mercy of her stepfather (Gerard Plunkett). When she wants to defend herself against the renewed abuse, he focuses on her younger sister (Frederique De Raucourt). Babydoll mobilizes all her courage to protect her sister. But the shot backfires – in the truest sense of the word: the bullet hits her little sister. The stepfather then puts her in a psychiatric institution to have her lobotomyed there in return for bribery. And suddenly a new level is opened: The scene is now a brothel in which the actual psychiatric patients are prostitutes. The establishment’s pimp is Blue Jones (Oscar Isaac), who was previously seen as a corrupt orderly. The upcoming lobotomy has given way to “selling babydoll’s virginity” and the unsuspecting resident doctor Vera Gorksi (Carla Gugino) plays the warden over the girls Rocket (Jena Malone), Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung). ).

As soon as you have found your way around in the new context, the next confusion is not long in coming. When Gorski rehearses the dance interludes with the girls, a third level of action is opened: the young women dance themselves into such a trance that they find themselves in a fantasy battle and have to deal with tasks that are almost impossible to solve. They are led by an aged officer and “wise man” (Scott Glenn). Thanks to him, Babydoll and her fellow combatants manage to hold their own in the fantasy battles. They also collect all the things they need to break out of the brothel or psychiatric facility.

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That’s why “Sucker Punch” is worth it despite the bad reviews

Not only in comparison to his earlier works like “300” and “Watchmen” “Sucker Punch” was overwhelming bad reviews a. Film critics, among others the mirror, did not take good care of Snyder and his work. Still, the film is worth watching. Because Zack Snyder has actually managed an “unexpected blow” with “Sucker Punch”. It combines fantasy and action, plays on several levels of action and demands a lot from the audience. You will ask yourself several times if you missed something, to finally realize how the different storylines are interwoven. In addition, the alternative soundtrack contributes a suitable mood to the epic images. And last but not least, the outcome of the story is not to be expected. If you also appreciate good sayings or partly philosophical quotes, the film is recommended to you. The criticism that the young women are sexualized in the film may be justified. But if Gerard Butler’s six-pack in the film “300” left you completely cold, throw the first stone. The girls in “Sucker Punch” use their means to assert themselves in the patriarchal world of tyrannical men. You can follow the escape plan of Babydoll, Sweet Pea and the others on Wednesday on TV.

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