Wedding scenes in romantic K-dramas that will make you gasp

If we think of romantic dramas, many times we expect the main couple to have a ‘happily ever after’ and sometimes that includes a wedding scene, today we remember some dramas that moved us and made us sigh with that moment in history.

The development of a love story in a kdrama it is not always the same, in fact there are many alternatives and paths that the plot can take through the episodes. The wedding in dramas they are not quite common, but the ones we get to see are iconic.

Whether it’s the sweet moments, the funny moments, its originality, or how difficult it was for the protagonists to reach the moment when their love triumphs over all things, there is always something interesting in this type of scenes.

Read on and discover a collection of drama scenes where the protagonists got married and made us believe in love with their romantic wedding.

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Doramas: Wedding scenes that seal the love of the protagonists

This drama kept us in the middle of a love triangle due to the complicated situation of the protagonist who got pregnant by a man she did not know, but after ups and downs she was able to marry the one she really loved.

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  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s relationship was so adorable, but on the day of the wedding, they were both so emotional that they even cried a little while receiving their guests for the photos, but nothing compares to the moment they both met in front of the altar.

The story of this drama gave us a love very different from others, so the wedding should also be different. Being completely alone, the protagonists promised each other love no matter the difficulties.

A wedding scene that has gone around the internet is that of A Love So Beautiful, as it includes a joyful dance that conquered everyone.

  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

The wedding of this K-Drama showed us what happened before the ceremony, including the bride’s nerves and the promise between the leads, as well as their walk down the aisle.

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