"Wedding at first sight"-Emily is finally divorced

Emily (26) is finally single again! In 2020, the 26-year-old dared the TV experiment at wedding at first sight and, unknown to me, gave the hobby photographer Robert the yes. After a good start, however, the crisis quickly began to develop. At the end of the series, the two agreed and decided against the marriage. Around a year later, you can now close this chapter: Emily and Robert are finally officially divorced, as she now reveals!

In your Instagram-Story asked a follower about the state of affairs and wanted to know from Emily whether the divorce from Robert was over. “We had our divorce date in October and have been officially divorced since December”she replied. This means that the travel lover can now fully concentrate on her new friend. She met him back in September – at the time as a married woman. In the meantime, a shared apartment is also being discussed.

The contact to Robert, on the other hand, was even petered out immediately after the broadcast. “We have and had no contact. And that will not change either”Emily had already made clear in April of last year. Nevertheless, she does not regret her participation in “Wedding at First Sight”.

Robert and Emily on their wedding day

© SAT.1 / Christoph Assmann

Robert and Emily on their wedding day
Ex- “wedding at first sight” candidate Emily with her boyfriend
Emily and Robert, candidates for "wedding at first sight"

Wedding at first sight, Sat.1

Emily and Robert, candidates for “wedding at first sight”

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