Weather: thunderstorms, risk of hail, heat wave and peaks at 39°C… what weather to expect this Friday in France?

This Friday, August 5, the heat wave persists in the south-east of France while thunderstorms are expected locally.

The heat wave is finally receding over a large part of the country. If it will still be very hot in the south-eastern quarter, “from the Mediterranean rim to the Rhône valley, and to the Alpine valleys, with peaks at 36/38°C, even 39°C locally”, Meteo France announces falling highs everywhere else.

Very hot in the region

They will be “between 30°C and 33°C from the South-West to the North-East”, and “below 30°C over a small North-West half of the country”.

In detail in the region, it will still be up to 36 ° C in Alès, 35 ° C in Nîmes and Béziers, or even 34 ° C in Perpignan. Elsewhere, it will not be more than 32°C.

Maximum temperatures will be between 34 and 38°C this Friday August 5th.
Meteo France

If the heat is receding in France, the storms are progressing. The Weather Channel predicts stormy episodes “over Savoie, Hautes-Alpes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in connection with the arrival of cold air at altitude which will destabilize the air mass and cause sometimes violent storms with heavy rains and risk of hail”.

u26a1ufe0fud83dudca6u26a1ufe0f This Friday, a few #thunderstorms will circulate on the plains of the northeast and the center-east, in a dispersed way. This weekend, they will be confined mainly to the reliefs of the south. Be careful if you practice mountain activities (hiking, canyoning…)

— The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) August 4, 2022

Météo France also predicts thunderstorms in the afternoon in Troyes, Starsbourg, Dijon or Vesoul, but also in the region at Laguiole and Font-Remeu.

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