Weather: Storm with risk of hail for this weekend, the IRM issues a yellow alert

The weather will become very unstable with regular showers and thunderstorms; these will sometimes be intense with a local risk of hail and/or gusts of wind that can reach 50 to 60 km/h, according to forecasts from the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). The Institute has issued a yellow alert across the entire country which will remain in effect throughout the day. The MRI announces precipitation in a short time, accompanied by hail and gusts.

The maxima will vary from 19 or 20°C on the heights of the Ardennes and at the sea to 25°C in Campine. The wind will generally be moderate from the southwest.

Tonight and tonight, (thundery) showers will still be possible in places. Then, the weather will become dry with large clearings. In the second part of the night, the sky will become variable to very cloudy over the western half. The lows will be between 12 and 16°C, under a light to often moderate wind from the south to the southwest.

On Saturday, the weather will become very cloudy from the west with periods of rain or showers. The maximum will be between 20 and 24 or 25°C. The south wind will blow weakly to moderately.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, there will be a risk of precipitation.

Sunday at dawn, a last downpour will still be possible in the east and north-east of the country while elsewhere the weather will be dry with sunny spells. During the course of the afternoon and the evening, a new rainy wave will pass near our regions; it should mainly impact the east of the territory where the sky will then be very cloudy with rain or showers (stormy). In the west, and perhaps also in the center of the country, the weather will remain dry with some clearings. The maximum will be between 17°C in the Ardennes and 22 or 23°C in the Campine. The wind will be light to moderate from the southwest

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