Weather: rain, strong winds… why temperatures have dropped so sharply in France in recent days

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For several days, the mercury has particularly dropped in France. These particularly cool temperatures are linked to the repeated depressions that have hit the country since the end of last week.

No more thin sweaters: for many French people, it has been necessary to bring out the big coats from the closet in recent days. From the extreme – and exceptional – autumn mildness, the country passed last weekend under the yoke of much cooler temperatures. And the phenomenon will continue this Tuesday, November 22: Météo France forecasts heavy rains throughout the country, with temperatures that will not exceed 13°C. The 5°C expected in the afternoon in Aurillac (Cantal) are enough, for example, to send shivers down your spine…

The weather for this Tuesday, November 21
Meteo France

“The temperatures have dropped significantly in the country, explains Marion Pirat, forecaster at Météo France, contacted by The Midi Dispatch. But this drop in temperatures has not impacted the whole of France in the same way: in the South-West for example, the mercury has not yet dropped too much.” In places, “the feeling also seems very fresh, because that we have wind and rain everywhere”, adds the meteorologist.

These particularly light temperatures are explained above all by the arrival of cooler fresh air, coming from the Atlantic Ocean. October was the hottest month ever recorded, recalls Marion Pirat. We then had air masses coming from Spain and the Maghreb. “We are this time in a very powerful westerly flow which is scrolling the disturbances over the country”. This was among other things the case this Sunday and Monday, especially in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, placed in orange vigilance due to heavy rains.

Temperatures lower than normal?

Are the temperatures cooler than normal? “Not at all, responds Météo France. We have only returned to seasonal normals!” The forecaster says that the abnormally high temperatures of recent weeks could have an impact on our perception of temperatures. “We are losing a bit of the notion of the normal season,” comments the forecaster.

On the forecast side, the cold should not last all week in the country. From Wednesday, an anticyclone from the Azores will settle in France and warm the atmosphere. The mercury will certainly be higher, but the bad weather could generally persist in France.

The month of November should also, despite the ambient cold, end with temperatures above normal for the season. A constant since last spring.

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