WEATHER FORECAST: Spring is already blooming!

In the morning, it’s always best to wear a coat, with a scarf around the neck and a cap on the head, but in seven days, on March 20 a little after 10 p.m., it’s astronomical spring. “The winter weather won’t last much longer. Despite the cooling, when it was only a few degrees above zero this morning. During the day, we are already expecting up to 15 °C,” confirmed Aha! meteorologist Dagmar Honsová. It will be changeable throughout the week, so we should pay attention to properly chosen clothes. So that the cold does not prevent us from discovering the first spring flowers.

How it will be:

Tomorrow: Cloudy to overcast, occasional rain. Night 4 to 8 °C, day 9 to 13 °C.

Wednesday: Cloudy, occasional rain. Night -2 to 2 °C, day 4 to 8 °C.

Thursday: Cloudy, occasional rain. Night -2 to 2 °C, day 5 to 9 °C.

Friday: Cloudy to partly cloudy. Night 0 to 4 °C, day 11 to 15 °C.

Saturday: Cloudy to partly cloudy. 1 to 5 °C at night, 12 to 16 °C during the day.

Sunday: Cloudy to partly cloudy, showers. Night 1 to 5 °C, day 10 to 14 °C.

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