Weather forecast: It will start from the middle of the week!

We will start the new week with the inversion that arrived with Saint Martin. Temperatures under cloudy skies will not exceed 10 °C. In bright light, it can be up to two degrees more. “Until Wednesday we will have cloudy low clouds and foggy or almost clear skies,” explained the meteorologist Dagmar Honsová. But from the middle of the week, a cold front will start moving into the Czech Republic. “The end of the week will bring cooling, there will be snow showers on the mountains,” she added.

Records were falling

Inverse weather last weekend brought unusually high temperatures on the mountain tops. “On Saturday, the air temperature in Milešovka rose to 15.6 degrees. The temperature record from 1977 was broken, when they measured 13 °C. It was 14.9 °C on Přimda, and the temperature record from 1966 was set there with 14.8 °C,” explained Dagmar Honsová. According to her, meteorologists measured over 15 °C Mountain Kvilda in Šumava or Rokytské slat, in Kašperské hory.

And how will it be?

Today: Cloudy, misty, isolated drizzle. Clear to partly clear in places. Day 5 to 9 °C, in sunshine around 12 °C. Tomorrow: Cloudy, misty occasional drizzle or light rain. Partly cloudy in the mountains. Night 6 to 2 °C. Day 4 to 8 °C, in the sun around 10 °C. Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, foggy, occasional drizzle. Night 6 to 2 °C. Day 6 to 10 °C. Thursday: Cloudy to cloudy, sometimes rain or showers. Night 6 to 2 °C. Day 4 to 8 °C. Friday: Cloudy to overcast, occasional rain. Night 5 to 1 °C. Day 6 to 10 °C.

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