Wearing a mask in nightclubs: Frank Vandenbroucke clarifies the situation

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The rule that self-tests can replace mouth masks in nightlife venues has not yet come into force, the Mediahuis group newspapers reported on Saturday morning. For this to be the case, a cooperation agreement between the various governments of the country must indeed still be amended and this could take several days.

But, according to Minister Vandenbroucke, this will not be the case. “We’re not going to wait (the deal). We are a complicated country and the legislation is always complicated, but the agreement is that we are not going to wait for it, ”he explains.

As of this Saturday, the mouth mask will not be compulsory in a nightclub, with two conditions, however. “You use the coronapass correctly, you check them scrupulously. The second condition is that you organize a self-test and check it yourself. You only let in those who, in addition to the Covid Safe Ticket, can also prove that the self-test is negative, ”explains the Minister.

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Frank Vandenbroucke calls for caution, however. “We are in the midst of the virus exploding.” The Flemish socialist therefore calls for the greatest caution, avoiding multiple contacts, meeting outdoors or wearing a mouth mask, for example. Anyone going to an event with more than 50 participants should make sure that sanitary passes are used seriously there, he recommends. He advises against going to a discotheque if no self-test is organized, and with professionalism, at the entrance.

The Minister also asks for caution for private parties. The mouth mask is mandatory at private parties of 50 or more people, he recalls, further advising to set up self-tests at the entrance, although this is not an obligation.

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