Wearing a mask compulsory from 10 years old, but not at primary school in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation: “It is the will of the government”

Codeco has listed a whole series of situations where this wearing of the mask from 10 years old is required: in public transport, in healthcare establishments, in the catering industry (except when eating / drinking), in everyone’s events. types, in shops, public spaces of administrations, cultural, recreational and other places, places of worship and sports centers (except when you practice sport yourself).

At school, the communities will be able to choose whether they impose the wearing of a mask below the age of 12, as is already the case at the end of primary school in Flanders today. The Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Pierre-Yves Jeholet specified in a press conference that this will not be done on the French-speaking side. “At the level of the FWB, we will not wear the mask before 12 years. It is the government’s will, ”he told reporters. No mask at school for children under 12, therefore, in French-speaking Belgium.

“We must return to the culture of the mask, generalized,” said Walloon Minister-President Elio Di Rupo.

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