We will see it in She-Hulk: first official image of Daredevil


Disney + will introduce the first of the Marvel characters that were part of the series produced by Netflix and that were canceled in 2018.

The Daredevil series premiered in 2015.
© IMDbThe Daredevil series premiered in 2015.

In 2018, Netflix surprised with the decision to cancel all productions of Marvel that he had as part of his catalogue. It was the end for series as questionable as Iron Fist Y luke cagebut also for those that seemed to be better accepted, such as the acclaimed Daredevil. Starring charlie coxis considered by many to be the best version of a superhero story ever seen on the small screen, at least as far as live action regards.

The reason behind the cancellations of Netflix had to do with an agreement with Disney, which became the owner of the image rights of these superheroes. Of course, in order to tell their stories, there was a clause that required the executives of the mouse studio to wait a few years to do so. That’s why when Disney+ appeared on the horizon and that period of time was fulfilled, what they did was ask them to relive these stories.

Slowly but surely, the process of rearranging the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)to which we also had to add the mutants since X Menproperty of Foxhappened to be Disney with the acquisition of the study. Kevin Feig was consulted a thousand times about the way these characters would return, if they would be rescued, if they would reboot their stories or how we would see them return. Finally, the first response came in December last year.

During the screening of Spider-Man: No way homewhich was full of cameos, was first seen in action at Daredevil interpreted by charlie cox which officially confirmed that the series of Marvel created by Netflix became canon in the MCU (can even be seen on Disney+ from the end of June). However, the cameo of Matt Murdock was quite short and did nothing but despair the fans who wanted to see more of Cox in action, until today, when the first official image of the hand was revealed from a tweet linked to she hulk and a posting of the official account in which it was ensured that the series will be “full of surprises” and the four characters that will be part of it were shown in addition to the protagonist, among which was Daredevil in his yellow suit.

+When does She-Hulk arrive?

This month we will see MCU in action with a new character that will be introduced in the franchise in what was defined as a legal comedy with an air of fleabag Y Allie McBeal. she hulk will be composed of a total of nine episodes (as in the case of WandaVision) the first of which will arrive on August 18, through the streaming platform Disney+.

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