We were fooled: End of Harry Potter is tragic and fools everyone

The Harry Potter saga had an epic close in the books and on film, but in a sense, it may have been deceiving fans for over a decade. After all, did Harry Potter really “save the world” when he defeated Voldemort?

Insider released a very curious article about the end of the saga. The text indicates that… well, Voldemort’s death may not have gotten to the root of the problem in the Wizarding World.

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Here is an unusual proof of this: in the last sentence of the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before the epilogue, we discover Harry’s thoughts after the Battle of Hogwarts. He had just defeated his greatest enemy.

At this point, the book says of Harry: “He turned away from the portraits, thinking now only of the bed waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering if Kreacher could bring him a sandwich there.”

The Wizarding World May Not Have Improved Much After Voldemort’s Death

Kreacher is essentially Harry Potter’s servant. In the Wizarding World, house-elves are forced to do manual labor, despite the fact that wizards could accomplish these tasks using magic.

In a way, this fits with Voldemort’s ideals of wizarding supremacy.

Harry Potter spends all of his youth fighting to end the villain, but shortly after his victory, he endorses the very system that Voldemort personified.

What this indicates above all is that defeating Voldemort did not end all notions of oppression and wizard supremacy in the world of Harry Potter. With that, the door is open for villains worse than him to appear.

Contrary to what many fans may have guessed, the Wizarding World apparently didn’t improve that much after Voldemort’s death. The problem is much deeper than it seems.

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