We smile for the photo with Jacques Gamblin and Pascale Arbillot: review, trailer and interviews

By Julie M., Laura B. Posted May 10, 2022, 8:21 PM

François Uzan, screenwriter for television in particular, directed his first film, “We smile for the photo”. In this comedy, which will be released in cinemas on May 11, 2022, he stages Jacques Gamblin, Pascale Arbillot and Agnès Hurstel.

2022 will be a year full of comedies !
Outraged rumba life, Retirement home or Revenge of the Glitter Shrimpthe radius comediesin the dark rooms, there will also be We smile for the picture. A film of Francois Uzan who goes out to movie theater the May 11, 2022.

We smile for the picture is the first feature film realized by Francois Uzan, who also signs the screenplay. He notably contributed to the writing of the series Lupine and I promise you.

In We smile for the picture, Francois Uzan directed Jacques Gamblin, Pascale Arbillot (also in the credits of Murder Party), Agnes Hurstel (creator of the series Young & Golri), pablo pauly (Dear Lea), and Ludovik (Studio Bagels YouTuber, in Haters on Prime Video and next year in BDE on the same platform).

We smile for the picture won the special jury prize of the Alpe d’Huez festival 2022.

Synopsis :

Terry (Jacques Gamblin) spends his days classifying his family photos, convinced that the best is behind him. When Claire (Pascale Arbillot), his wife, tired of “it was better before”, announces to him that she is leaving him, Thierry, devastated, offers him to redo “Greece 98”, their best family vacation. Officially, he wants to spend one last week with their children before announcing their separation. Unofficially he hopes to win back his wife… But the children, now in their thirties, are less docile than 20 years ago and the hunt for memories on the roads of Greece will quickly tire everyone. By trying to rekindle the flame of his couple, Thierry risks setting fire to his family…

The teaser :

The Poster :

We smile for the photo with Jacques Gamblin and Pascale Arbillot: discover the posterWe smile for the photo with Jacques Gamblin and Pascale Arbillot: discover the posterWe smile for the photo with Jacques Gamblin and Pascale Arbillot: discover the poster

Our review :

For his first feature film, François Uzan offers us a film that is both tender and funny. We follow the adventures of a family in which each of the members is led at some point to face their own demons and to free themselves in order to move forward. Between the father who constantly lives in the past, the mother who is bored to death and no longer thrives in this relationship once her children have left the nest, the daughter, lawyer, who needs to control everything and the son, “good for nothing”, who is always looking for his way. Without forgetting the son-in-law who has only one ambition, to finally be accepted by his father-in-law whom he is obviously the only one to idolize!

Mixing all these characters and having them experience exactly the same vacation as 20 years ago gives you a hilarious, extremely well-written and very fair comedy which, despite its nostalgic side, will remind you that the best memories are those you has not yet lived!

In short, magnificent sets, a terrific cast and a lot of humor to discover at the cinema without delay!

The interviews :

Francois Uzan and Jacques Gamblin :

Pablo Pauly and Agnes Hurstel :

In which theaters near me is the film screened? We smile for the picture ?

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