We rob the Duce, Maccio Capatonda: "There is a bit of Father Maronno in this character"

Interview with Maccio Capatonda, Luigi Fedele and Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, protagonists of Rapiniamo il Duce. On Netflix.

A treasure to steal, not just any, that of Mussolini. A precise plan. A ragtag gang: We rob the Duce by Renato De Maria is on Netflix from October 26, after the preview at the Rome Film Fest.

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Let’s rob the Duce: a scene from the film

The criminal mastermind that designs the amazing plan to steal the Duce’s valuables is that of Isola, played by Pietro Castellitto. The actor drives a rich man cast: with him Matilda DeAngelis, who is Yvonne, singer officially in love with the fascist leader Achille Borsalino (Filippo Timi), and secretly in love with Isola. And again: Luigi Fedele, Tommaso Ragno, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe and Maccio Capatonda, all members of the gang of thieves.

Maccio is Giovanni Fabbri, a driver who defines himself as a “hero of the country” for having won several sporting competitions, but is totally unreliable due to his inordinate passion for drugs. However, Isola wants him as a driver for the heist and this complicates things. We met Maccio Capatonda in Rome, together with the actors Luigi Fedele and Coco Rebecca Edogamhe: he confessed to us that perhaps in this character there is also a bit of Father Maronno, one of his most famous characters.

Let’s rob the Duce: interview with Maccio Capatonda

Let’s rob the Duce, the review: the Italian heist movie is famous

Let’s rob the Duce: Maccio Capatonda and the heroes of the country

In Rapiniamo il Duce the character of Maccio Capatonda is described as a “hero of the country”. The actor thinks there’s a need today: “We probably need heroes, because there aren’t any. I really don’t see any around. At least famous heroes: then maybe there are many heroes in our lives, but not in public ones. Honest and capable people would be enough“.

Let’s rob the Duce, Pietro Castellitto: “I find all my characters by walking”

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Let’s rob the Duce: a shot

As for his character instead, whom Isola finds hidden in a convent, perhaps there is some connection with Father Maronno: “A little yes, because Fabbri hides in the convent to escape the draft and not participate in the war. He’s a wimp. And Father Maronno is one who, by chance, the veil fell on his head and fruit this casual vocation to steal money from devotees“.

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