"We, gay high school students disappointed by their peers. But we’ll be there at the debutante ball"

Adele Landolfi, left, and Viola Righini, both 18 years old

Viola Righini and Adele Landolfi are 18 years old. They are two students of the Cicognini boarding school in Prato who share a dream: to be a couple at the debutante ball, a centuries-old tradition of the school that belonged to D’Annunzio and Malaparte. It was their dream that triggered the revolution in view of the June 18 appointment. When it will no longer be mandatory to have couples made up of people of different sexes. Viola and Adele will be able to dance together. But how much effort to get to this result. “Also because – they say bitterly, deciding for the first time to speak together – we did not think that the majority of our comrades turned their backs on us”. This indeed happened. First the “no” to their request by the top management of the school, then the reverse after the intervention of the Ministers Bianchi and Bonetti with the green light for the new formula approved by the board of directors of the boarding school and by the teaching staff. Finally, the online survey, launched by the principal among the Cicognini high school students, which delivered a surprising result: the very weak majority of the 397 students interviewed (50.1%) voted against the entry of gay couples to the dance. And of course you were disappointed. “Frankly yes”. How do you interpret this vote? “It is evident that in our comrades there was not enough tolerance or solidarity. It seems that openness to change, when it comes to the point, crumbles on prejudices. We are disappointed that such a delicate issue as that of inclusion has become a matter for a survey “. Do you dispute the fact that the opinion of your comrades has been sought on this issue? “Yes, because basically we are talking about rights. And in particular about minority rights. Putting them to a vote gives the impression of questioning them. It doesn’t seem fair to us.” Have you ever felt discriminated against in these high school years? “Come on …

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