We explain the end of the 2nd season of Sexify on Netflix

Season 2 of Sexify – one of the most erotic series on Netflix – recently premiered on the platform. As usual, the Polish production did not take long to appear in the Top 10 of streaming. Therefore, those who have already checked out the new episodes want to know: what really happens at the end of the series?

“The start-up’s future is uncertain, but the young entrepreneurs will manage to deal with an unpleasant rival, a demanding investor and, of course, their personal lives”, states the official synopsis of the 2nd season of Sexify.

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The cast of Sexify includes Aleksandra Skraba (Natalia Dumała), Maria Sobocińska (Paulina Malinowska), Sandra Drzymalska (Monika Nowicka) and Małgorzata Foremniak (Joanna Nowicka).

We’ve revealed everything Netflix subscribers need to know about the Sexify season 2 finale below; check out! (via ReadySteadyCut)

Sexify ending explained – Why is the app deleted?

One of the most important events of the 2nd season of Sexify is the Web Summit, in which Malgoratza presents the “alternative” version of the application to the public.

However, during the technology conference, Malgoratza’s feed is “kidnapped” by Natalia and Paulina – who announce the launch of the real Sexify.

They reveal that all data has been included in the application, which would help in the development of the algorithm.

The app is then launched by the audience, who use it to find their “perfect matches”. Malgoratza then tells the audience not to “negotiate with terrorists”, and so Paulina and Natalia decide to implement plan B.

At that moment, the screen shows the message “SexiBye”, and all the application’s code is deleted, much to Malgoratza’s dismay.

What happens to Natalia and Adam?

In the last scenes of Sexify, after a wild party, Natalia returns home and tells Adam her plan to start the app from scratch.

At that moment, in a rare moment of calm, Natalia and Adam are huddled together watching television.

A sense of companionship dominates the entire sequence, and then, Sexify’s plot gets even more intimate.

Drawn to each other, Natalia and Adam share a passionate kiss, and from there, they have sex. Afterwards, the characters lie down next to each other, satisfied with the sexual relationship.

Finally, in the last scene of Season 2 of Sexify, Natalia gets out of bed and goes back to her computer. Adam serves his girlfriend coffee, and at that moment, the protagonist starts a new code.

Will this code be used to create a new Sexify? Or is the protagonist interested in a very different kind of enterprise?

To find out the answer, Netflix subscribers will have to wait for the release of the 3rd season of Sexify – which, it is worth remembering, has not yet been confirmed.

Meanwhile, all episodes of Sexify remain available on Netflix.

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