We explain the end of season 1 of The Power and the Law

success in Netflix, Power and Law conquers fans with an interesting legal plot. After marathoning the first season, fans are already asking for the series to be renewed for a second year. But after all: at the end of the legal drama, who is really responsible for Lara Elliott’s death? And even more importantly: who killed Jerry Vincent?

“At worst after an accident, ambitious Los Angeles attorney Mickey Haller returns to active duty by taking on a murder case,” reads the official synopsis of The Power and the Law.

With 10 episodes, the first season of The Power and the Law is perfect for a weekend marathon. The series is a production of David E. Kelley, showrunner known for hits like Ally McBeal, Nine Strangers and Big Little Lies, with Nicole Kidman.

We explain below everything you need to know about the mysteries of the ending of The Power and the Law on Netflix; check out.

The Power and the Law season 1 – Ending explained

The legal drama The Power and the Law – not to be confused with the eponymous film released in 2011 and starring Matthew McConaughey – unravels several mysteries in its final episode.

In Trevor Elliott’s plot, the big question is: who killed his wife Lara along with her lover Jan? Named as one of the prime suspects, Trevor does his best to defend his innocence.

With the help of protagonist Mickey, Trevor is exonerated. But eventually, the lawyer realizes that the client was actually guilty.

The first clue comes when Cisco, Mickey’s investigator, discovers Trevor’s lies about his relationship with a dangerous Russian family.

Ultimately, Mickey concludes that Trevor was truly responsible for Lara’s death.

The character was the true genius behind Trevor’s video game company, and when she threatens to leave her husband, he fears for the company’s future and resolves to kill her.

In a very clever strategy, the killer uses a drone to throw the evidence of the crime overboard, ensuring that it is never found.

Who killed Jerry Vincent in The Power and the Law?

Another great mystery of The Power and the Law is the death of lawyer Jerry Vincent, who is murdered in the first episode of the legal drama.

Throughout the season, Mickey and Detective Griggs search – with no answers – for evidence about Jerry’s murder. When Mickey is also attacked, he recognizes the attacker as McSweeney, Juror Number 7 in the Trevor Elliott trial.

Eventually, the protagonist concludes that the only person with sufficient knowledge and resources to rig the jury is Judge Mary Holder herself.

Mickey confronts the judge, and at this point, the Netflix legal drama reveals that Jerry paid the judge to interfere with the jury, but at the last minute, ended up backing out.

In response, Mary Holder hires McSweeney to kill Jerry. A short time later, she uses the same strategy with Mickey. But this time, the plan backfires.

Trevor Elliott’s Fate at the End of The Power and the Law

In one of The Power and the Law’s biggest twists is the murder of Trevor Elliott. At the press conference about his company’s new acquisition, the antagonist is shot and killed.

The woman who kills Trevor is Carol Dubois, a former student and lover of yoga teacher Jan Rilz, who was also in an affair with Trevor’s wife.

She decides to kill Trevor after discovering that the businessman has been exonerated of Lara and Jan’s deaths.

The Power and the Law season 1 is available on Netflix.

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