"We can talk": who are Andy Kusnetzoff’s next guests

They are recording in Estudio Mayor”PH (Can We Talk)” who drives Andy Kusnetzoff, already on Argentine soil after his vacation in Europewhich will be seen on Saturday.

the guests are Lizy Taglianiwho always pays in interviews, Ivan Nadal (who they want in the second season of “The hotel of the famous”); momo; Bambi Moreno Charpentier and Facundo Conteaccording to La Pavada of Diario Crónica.

The driver, partner of their radio and television products, is anxious to know if they sold the format abroad, since they pay in dollars.

“We can talk” is sold abroad.

The sale of “PH (Podemos Hablar)” to international television: the details

According to what was reported by La Pavada from Diario Crónica, the pilot of “PH (We can talk)” was recorded in English with the same presenter as host. Among the guests, so far, are the Mormon couturier Santiago Artemis, Bebe Sanzo and Barbie Simons.

The war between Marina Calabró and Andy Kusnetzoff

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