"We can talk": Andy Kusnetzoff’s guests for Saturday

While deciding the day of departure from Mirtha Legrand with “Mirtha’s night”, last Saturday of August or first Saturday of September, Andy Kusnetzoff play your game withPH (Can we talk)”.

For the next program, he managed to summon to the table Charlotte Caniggia, Joaquín Levinton, Alberto Cormillot, Lola Cordero and Gustavo Conti. As expected, the theme “Big Brother” should not be missing, given Telefé’s strong commitment to reality, being, in addition, that it runs with the same production company, according to La Pavada de Daily Chronicle.

“We can talk”: Tomás Fonzi remembered the day he was on the verge of death

Thomas Fonz counted in “We can talk” a near death experience. “At one point he was adept at jumping out of planes. I did several baptism jumps, I signed up for the course, because you jump in tandem with another guy, you’re like the front backpack with a man. You fall from 4 thousand meters high, free fall for a minute,” started.

Tomás Fonzi opened his heart in “Podemos Hablar”.

One of those jumps was problematic. “The guy started shouting: ‘it doesn’t open, it doesn’t open’, and I laughed… the wind in my face, and he kept shouting: ‘it doesn’t open, it doesn’t open’, and at one point he told me that he was going to open the other. At that moment I look up and see everything tangled up, moving everywhere“, he indicated.

“We were falling at full speed and at one point that same one opens, it was not necessary to open the other one. I looked up again and I see that the other 15 who had jumped and were very high”hill.

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