Watch out for this phone scam: they are offering you a fake Covid compensation!

A new telephone scam is raging in the country and more particularly in the surroundings of Charleroi. A phone call that may seem normal at first, but in reality is a scam and seems to resurface in the area.

Unscrupulous individuals try to obtain the banking information of the interlocutors in order to extirpate them money. “At first, the lady explains that she is calling for a social security premium, as part of the Covid, that it is financial assistance. This aid concerns low-wage earners, the self-employed or retirees. She supposedly gives a file number with her first and last name. I was very skeptical, and I made him repeat it. She openly told me that this is not a scam. And she immediately asked me for my name, first name and address as well as my bank details ”, explains a reader, who wishes to warn the population. That’s when the scam ended. Fortunately…

Notify the police!

But others have not had the same luck. Some people don’t always realize that it is a scam. The crooks explain that they are entitled to compensation, ranging from 500 to 1,500 euros. For several minutes, they explain that it is financial assistance when it is quite the opposite: it is the amount they want to steal. They will then try to collect all the contact details of the interlocutor and then ask him to use the Digipass (live by telephone) so that the citizen receives the money. But that’s when they’re going to steal the money.

However, it should be noted that no official authority will ask you to transmit your contact details by telephone or to provide you with the Digipass. If you know someone who has been the victim of this scam, or if you have been the subject of this scam, please do not hesitate to notify the police so that it stops quickly.

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