Watch at your own risk: This streaming tip on Amazon is pure horror

Not for the faint of heart: From Friday there will be a horror thriller on Amazon Prime Video that is not made for everyone. We’re talking about Fatih Akin’s The Golden Glove.

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Fatih Akin is one of the most important German directors. The filmmaker gained international fame with the unforgettable film “Gegen die Wand” from 2004. The film adaptation won numerous awards, including a Golden Bear. His last movie “The Golden Glove” appeared in 2019 and shocked a large part of the cinema audience. If you couldn’t see the book adaptation in the cinema, you get it from Friday 22 July 2022 the chance to catch up on the horror thriller for free with a Prime subscription to Amazon.

The film adaptation is based on the novel of the same name by Heinz Strunk and deals with the true story of serial killer Fritz Honka. Honka was an outsider who often stayed in the Hamburg pub “Der goldene Glove”. The inn attracted all sorts of shady characters. In the film adaptation, the audience witnesses how the serial killer plans and carries out his brutal deeds.

You can get an impression in the following trailer:

Fatih Akin’s most brutal film

Not for the faint of heart, The Golden Glove is the director’s first work to use horror elements. Fatih Akin pushed the limits with his film adaptation and triggered a great controversy with its brutality. At the same time, “The Golden Glove” looks like a milieu study that gives us a good impression of Hamburg’s darkest corners of the time.

Serial killer Fritz Honka murdered and dismembered four women from 1970 to 1975. The murders happened in the vicinity of the Reeperbahn. When the murder cases became public, the public reacted with shock. The media pounced on the story of the serial killer, who became known throughout Germany. Anyone who wants to watch the incredibly intense story can now do so at their own risk on Amazon Prime Video.

If you want to learn more about the real background of the film, the following reading tip will tell you more:

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