Wasabi is 20 years old: what becomes of Michel Muller?

Michel Muller made us die of laughter in “Wasabi” alongside Jean Reno. While the film is 20 years old this year, we are interested in the actor and comedian creator, among other things, of the “No, Shouldn’t invite” chronicles.

Michel Muller, great in Wasabi

Born September 9, 1966, Michel muller began to stand out as a stand-up comedian. Famous for his irreverent tone, it finds its place perfectly in Nowhere else on Canal + at the end of the 1990s with his daily column No, you shouldn’t have invited her. In each program, Michel Muller draws a subversive portrait of the guest of the day in sketches with very pronounced black humor. We let you get an idea:

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At the same time, he attracts the attention of directors who hire him for appearances in films like Asterix and Obelix against Caesar Where Taxi 2. With his recognizable face and his nonchalant phrasing, he becomes above all the decisive comic element of Wasabi (2001) alongside Jean Reno. In this action comedy, he plays Maurice, said Momo, the former teammate of Hubert Fiorentini (Jean Reno) back in Tokyo to go to the funeral of his former companion. There, he will meet the daughter of the latter aged 20 and pursued by killers. With Momo’s help, Hubert will try to solve this case.

Wasabi ©EuropaCorp Distribution

As said previously, Michel Muller counterbalances with the seriousness of Jean Reno. The comedian always falls short, blunders after blunders and is absolutely hilarious. One of his best scenes is certainly when he chokes on wasabi.

Behind the camera and on the small screen

After this film, the actor took part in Fanfan la Tulipe (2002), Car keys (2003) by Laurent Baffie or even The Dalton (2004) with making the false documentary The life of Michel Muller is more beautiful than yours where a team of journalists films him 24 hours a day.

More recently, we saw him in series. Besides its series Hénaut Presidentt (2007) which he himself adapted into a feature film in 2012, he was in an episode of The Little Murders of Agatha Christie in 2011, before playing theth King of France Charles VIII in The Borgias. Finally, he was Gérard Balleroy in six episodes of Black baron in 2016, and the film’s psychologist The party is over in 2017.

The Borgias
Charles VIII of France (Michel Muller) – Les Borgias © Canal +

Since then, Michel Muller has been very discreet. Both on social networks and for new projects. Last I heard, he would be working on a film titled Tell her your mother is dead. A project which has unfortunately not progressed since 2019. We hope to see it again soon at least in supporting roles, if possible as striking as in Wasabi.

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