Warning: police warning against “mouse-jacking”, there is never any trace of break-in!

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A few weeks ago, we told you about Jonathan, victim of a theft in his vehicle while he was shopping in a supermarket in Arlon. The man had only noticed the theft when he returned to his home. And for good reason, no trace of break-in was to be deplored on his car.

This theft technique called “mouse-jacking” consists of a computer hack allowing the thief to steal a car without any break-in.

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How to avoid it?

Of course, there are certain good practices to adopt in order not to fall victim to it. The South Luxembourg Police Zone reminds you of them:

– Stay close to your vehicle when you lock it.

– Check that the doors are properly locked, make sure you have heard the lock activate.

– When you park and leave your vehicle, check that you are not approached very closely by a person with a handbag or backpack. It may contain a device to scan or jam the signal from your remote control.

– Use the mechanical key in your remote key or hands-free card rather than your remote locking device.

– Do not leave any valuables visible in your vehicle, even if you are only away for a few minutes.

– If you see someone clinching different vehicles parked on the public road/parking lot or if you see any suspicious behavior/merry-go-round, contact the police services immediately (101) so that checks can be carried out ASAP on the spot.

– When you contact our services, communicate the following elements: physical description / clothing and luggage (s) or accessory (s) of the suspect, registration / brand / type / color / number of people on board if he uses or is in a vehicle, exact position, direction of escape if it leaves the scene. This information is essential in order to effectively orient the available staff and make it possible to feed an ongoing investigation.

Note that this modus is also used in the context of home thefts to scan/jam remote opening devices for gates and/or garage doors.

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