warmed up! After criticism, Leandro’s wife gives a “pie” answer to Jaciara Dias: “He promised photos for…”

Jaciara Dias was one of the guests of the “Extra” of the “Big Brother Desafio Final” this Friday, May 13, and launched harsh criticisms of Leandro.

“Nun [Homem de Sá] he’s even trying to change his role, playing a better role, but Leandro due to lack of intelligence, he’s even on the wrong show, he should be on “The Voice”, because he went there to do a completely ridiculous performance, and of Maria gossip, all the time calling to speak ill of others”began by explaining the Brazilian who later launched new barbs.

Leandro is nothing like what you’re seeing there, Leandro has to go back to his circus to put on his show”, confessed Jaciara as you can remember here.

The one who didn’t like Jaciara Dias’ words at all was Leandro’s wife. Doina Stratulat turned to Instagram to slay Jaciara Dias: “Lack of respect? Hahaha. Wasn’t this lady the one who promised pictures of her to another contestant not to name her? Wasn’t she the one who felt António’s material just because? ahahaha“.

I wish I had this lady’s morals! Give yourself respect to be respected! strength Leandro“, it can still be read.

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