‘Warhunt’: Soldiers Encounter Nazi Experiments in Horror Video; Check out!

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Or supernatural terror ‘Warhunt‘ got a sinister new clip.

Check it out with the trailer:

Mauro Borrelli is responsible for directing the feature, which has a script by Reggie Keyohara III e Scott Svatos.

“A US military cargo plane loses control and crashes violently behind enemy lines in the middle of the German black forest. Immediately, the cruel Major Johnson (Rourke) sends a squad of his bravest soldiers on a rescue mission to retrieve the top-secret material the plane was carrying. Led by Sergeant Brewer (Buttons) e Walsh (Rathbone), the soldiers venture deep into the forest near the crash site. They soon discover hanged Nazi soldiers and other bodies with ancient magical symbols. Suddenly, their compasses fail, their perceptions distort, and they are attacked by a powerful supernatural force. Struggling to survive, they must uncover the shocking truth behind the force before the Nazis and do everything they can to remove all evidence that it ever existed, even at the cost of their own lives.”

Enjoy watching:

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Mickey Rourke, Jackson Rathbone e Robert Knepper star in the production.

Horror will be released on VOD on January 21st.

Don’t forget to watch:

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