War veteran reunites with woman whose photo he kept in his wallet for 78 years

Reginald Pye was a participant in the worst of humanity’s conflicts, the Second World War, but, in the midst of the tragedy, he fondly remembers a French girl who gave him a sandwich with jam in 1944 and whose photo he kept in his wallet for 78 long years; However, everything changed when he was finally reunited with her and her history moved millions of users of social networks.

The 14 year old girl

pye, 99 years and a native of southern Welshgave his heartfelt testimony on a television channel Youtube (Charity Taxi): “I can’t believe they finally found it”recounts the war hero who met Huguette Geoffroytoday the 92in June 1944 while serving in the 224 Field Company in Royal Engineers during the Battle of Normandy.

While traveling in France, he saw a girl of 14 years who looked at him while he ate a dinner of bread and jam, as well as canned sardines, tells us that he saw her hungry for what the man in 21 years at that time he offered her her can of fish, but she refused, because she looked with “nostalgia” the preparation based on strawberries.

‘Reg’ kept Huguette’s photo for 78 long years. (Photo: Taxi Charity/YouTube)

Reginald remember: “perhaps I had never seen jam”, who upon noticing this gave it to her, but the little girl took it and then ran off. But, this meeting would not end here, because the next morning she realized that the teenager filled her jar with milk, but not only that, because she left a photo of herself with a message on the back of it.

“The memory of my brief encounter with this young woman will stay with me forever. In the darkest moments, this little human interaction left a big mark on my life.”after this he kept the photo of the girl, which he kept even when he returned to his country and time passed: “I always (had) the hope that we would meet again”the veteran confessed.

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Looking for Huguette

But, Reginald I would go back to that area France during the 1970she contacted the local vicarage, with the church in search of information, but no one could help him, so he resigned himself to the fact that, possibly, he would never find it, but everything would change in no time. June 2022 when the youtuber ran into his path Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.

The influencer listened with great passion to the story of pye during the commemoration of D-Day (landing in Normandy), for which he contacted the press and Geoffroy’s daughter responded who saw the photo and contacted the youtuber to organize the expected reunion.

Huguette and ‘Reg’ together again

This is how our protagonist visits a retirement home in the north of France where you live huguettea heartfelt hug was the first thing they gave each other and pyeto return the gesture, gave him a jam sandwich, as happened almost 8 decades ago: “here’s a jam sandwich”to which she replied: “Mercy! Nice to see you again after such a long time… we got older, but we are still the same”.

When asked if she remembered the first time they met, she said: “yes, a little… I am extremely touched” to know that pye he went years later to find her, after which they toasted with champagne.

In fact, huguetteDespite her age, she maintains her jovial spirit, joking that she would leave her boyfriend to marry Reginaldwho offered her cans of sardines that she rejected with the same smile she gave him in june e1944.

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