War in Ukraine: Ukrainians arriving in Poland again outnumber returnees

Thus, on Thursday June 23, 27,500 people arrived from Ukraine in Poland and 24,400 crossed the border in the other direction, indicated the border guards on Twitter.

On Wednesday June 22, they registered 26,300 entries and 23,500 exits, while on Monday and Tuesday the two numbers were practically at the same level, that of entries however slightly exceeding that of exits.

This trend is confirmed by the Ukrainian border guards, which report, for Thursday, June 23, 45,000 people who left Ukraine through the western borders, including more than 25,000 through the Polish border, against 40,000 entries, including 37,000 Ukrainian citizens.

This development comes as Russian forces continue to bombard major cities and the destruction of some large companies, such as the Kremenchuk oil refinery, leaves thousands of people without work, the organization’s leader told AFP. Ukrainian in Poland “Euromajdan Warsaw”, Natalia Panchenko.

“After a while, even some tough resisters can get shattered,” she said, while emphasizing that she doesn’t have specific information about the motivations of the newer arrivals.

After the start of the Russian aggression on February 24, the number of Ukrainians arriving in Poland exploded, approaching 140,000 on some days, then gradually fell, falling to levels and below that of returns, from the May 10, border guard spokeswoman Anna Michalska told AFP.

She wouldn’t comment on the change in border movement, saying it wasn’t large enough to be significant.

According to Ms Michalska, only 9% of Ukrainians entering Poland say they are fleeing the war.

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