War in Ukraine: seven bodies discovered in a new grave near Boutcha

“Seven civilians were tortured by the Russians and then cowardly executed with a bullet in the head,” kyiv police chief Andriï Nebytov said on Facebook, adding that “several victims had their hands tied and their knees tied.” .

“This grave was discovered today where the Russian soldiers were stationed, near the village of Myrotské”, located respectively 10 km northwest of Boutcha and 35 km from kyiv on the same axis, he said. he adds.

The head of the police of the Kyiv region indicated “currently working on the identification of the victims”.

After the departure of Russian soldiers from the kyiv region and the discovery of hundreds of corpses of Ukrainian civilians, Boutcha became the symbol of the war crimes attributed to Russia by Ukraine.

Moscow has repeatedly rejected these accusations, denouncing “falsifications” orchestrated by kyiv with the support of Westerners.

In late April, the bodies of three visibly tortured and shot dead men were found blindfolded in a grave in Myrotské, according to kyiv police.

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