War in Ukraine: Prime Minister Alexander De Croo calls for caution after the missile fell in Poland

You first have to do a thorough analysis of exactly what happened and then see what the appropriate response might be. This is what the Prime Minister said on Wednesday at the microphone of De Ochtend on Radio 1.

US President Joe Biden said last night there were indications the missile that hit a village in eastern Poland was an anti-aircraft missile from Ukraine. According to preliminary information, he considered it “unlikely” that the missile was launched from Russian territory.

Meanwhile, Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder (PS) tweeted that the strikes in Poland appear to be the result of Ukrainian anti-aircraft fire. “Pieces of Russian missiles and a Ukrainian counter-missile are said to have landed in Poland,” she wrote, although this information has yet to be confirmed by ongoing investigations.

Prime Minister De Croo stressed that a detailed analysis was first necessary. He noted, however, that Russian missiles have been fired en masse at almost all of Ukrainian territory in recent days, provoking numerous anti-aircraft fire. “This combination may well have caused an explosion,” said the prime minister. “There would be no anti-aircraft fire without the Russian attacks. »

The meeting of NATO ambassadors, to be held later in the day, is expected to focus on sharing information. On this basis, all questions from Poland can be heard. This could include, for example, measures to prevent such incidents, Mr De Croo said, but it is too early for him to look at this concretely at this stage.

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