War in Ukraine: “no city” in the Donetsk region “safe” for its inhabitants

“There is no place, no town in the Donetsk region that is safe,” said Mr. Kyrylenko, adding that it was, according to him, “extremely dangerous for the inhabitants to stay” amid Russian pressure on the Ukrainian forces are increasing around the towns of Lyssytchansk and Severodonetsk.

“The situation in the region remains difficult”, he added, specifying that “the enemy is trying to concentrate its efforts” in particular on “the Bakhmout-Lyssytchansk road”, on which “to venture constitutes an obvious danger”. .

According to him, the command of the Ukrainian armed forces is doing “everything possible” so that “our soldiers are not surrounded” by the Russian army in the last pocket of resistance still under Ukrainian control in the region, around Lyssytchansk and Severodonetsk.

“The main mission is to stop the enemy’s advance towards (the important cities) of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk,” he added.

Pavlo Kirilenko also indicated that, despite the heavy fighting underway, “the evacuations of civilians continue”, citing the figure of “251 people” evacuated on Wednesday.

“There are 45,000 inhabitants left in Kramatorsk”, a city set back a few tens of kilometers from the front line, he detailed, recalling that “the delivery of food products continues throughout the territory” of the Donetsk region despite “electricity cuts and water and gas interruptions”

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