War in Ukraine: more than 8,300 Ukrainian civilians have been killed since the start of the conflict

Among these victims are 437 children, according to Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin, quoted by the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN on Sunday.

In addition more than 11,000 people have been injured in the war, which has been going on for nine months. However, according to Mr. Kostin, the number of victims is likely higher, because the Ukrainian authorities do not have access to certain areas occupied by the Russians.

In the liberated areas, Ukrainian troops continue to find bodies and document evidence of suspected atrocities.

As such, the Ukrainian authorities have recorded at this stage more than 45,000 war crimes, and 216 people suspected of being war criminals, including 17 Russian prisoners of war. Twelve out of 60 defendants were convicted.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says that since the war began in February, Russia has already fired 4,700 missiles against targets in his country.

“Hundreds of our cities have practically been razed to the ground, thousands of people have been killed, hundreds of thousands have been deported to Russia,” Mr. Zelensky said in a video message addressed to the international organization of La Francophonie. (OIF), whose representatives meet in Djerba in Tunisia.

Adding that millions of people have fled Ukraine and that more than 20 million inhabitants are without electricity, the President pleaded with the member countries of this organization to come to the aid.

Belgium was represented at this summit of the 88 member countries of the French-speaking bloc until Saturday evening by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib; the Wallonia-Brussels Federation being represented by its minister-president Pierre-Yves Jeholet.

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