War in Ukraine: “If Russia ever plans to attack us, it must know that there are 40 million people ready to take up arms”

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, shooting ranges have experienced a resurgence of interest in Poland.

“If Russia ever plans to attack Poland, it must know, and the Kremlin must know, that there are 40 million Poles in Poland who are ready to take up arms to defend their homeland,” Morawiecki warned.

The Prime Minister underlined that the war in Ukraine had shown everyone that freedom was not a given. Poland was also “under the Russian boot” for centuries, he recalled. “We don’t want to go back to that lack of freedom. We reject their colonialism and their imperialism,” he said.

He announced that Poland would therefore expand its army and invest in new weapons systems.

According to local central statistics authority GUS, Poland currently has a population of just over 38 million. However, many more of them live outside the country; In Germany alone, 871,000 people of Polish nationality were thus registered in 2021.

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