War in Ukraine: French Parrot drones on the battlefield

European leader in the drone market, the French Parrot is present in Ukraine. The United States delivers Parrot drones to Ukrainians, while the French, English and American armies are among the brand’s customers.

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Despite himself, the drone has become the star weapon of this conflict in Ukraine, whether gathering intelligence or striking troops as demonstrated by the dreaded Bayraktar TB2, which destroyed many Russian aircraft. In the field, there are also drone French, in this case the Parrot models. This was revealed by its founder and boss on BFM TV.

The Americans buy drones from us and send them to Ukraine. Ukrainians also buy it. We send them to Poland where they are recovered “says Henri Seydoux, who explains later in the interview that the French army is one of Parrot’s customers, just like the English and American armies. He also recalls that firefighters and gendarmes use Parrot drones for their operations.

The drone’s iPhone


Of course, many elements remain confidential, such as the number of drones sent there, or sold to the army, but the CEO of parrot recalls that these are not drones equipped with missile, but many devices designed for security, surveillance and mapping. Some, more advanced, are equipped with thermal cameras, and their small size, “ similar to an iPhone according to him, makes them hard to take down.

We are fascinated by the importance of drones in the conflict, he continues, almost embarrassed by this growing popularity and military use. The small drones used by the military completely change the way they view the battlefield. This allows a great knowledge of the field. » Thanks to their state-of-the-art camera andapplication integrated automatic detection, the drones are able to identify machines or people, and any civilian can pilot them and lend a hand to the Ukrainian troops.

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