War in Ukraine: Four Ukrainians arrested in Nice for the squat of a villa belonging… to Russian billionaires

This Thursday, May 12, 2022, four Ukrainian nationals were arrested by the Nice police for having occupied a villa on Avenue Germaine belonging to Russians. The latter were placed in police custody, reports BFM Nice Côte d’Azur. According to the latest information shared by our colleagues, 3 of the Ukrainians concerned have already been released. In particular, they would have explained to the investigators that they knew the nationality of the owners. It is also for this reason that they would have taken the decision to settle in the residence ” because of the war “.

An investigation is underway

The 20 minutes learned from a police source that ” the accommodation is not subject to sequestration under international sanctions “. It was a friend of the Russian owners who then noticed the presence of individuals ” suspects » inside the villa. They even had the locks changed. The owners, in Russia at the time of the events, are currently traveling to France to witness the intrusion. An investigation entrusted to the CSP of Nice is in progress.

As a reminder, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, took the decision to invade Ukraine on February 24th. Since then, the Russian armed forces have been gaining ground and the toll of human losses is increasing day by day. Recently, the Daily Star reported that some mothers of Russian soldiers encouraged their sons to ” kill civilians and children “.

” Courage. If you only saw what they do, you would know that you are doing a good job there. Don’t forget it and say the same to your comrades “, could we hear during a conversation intercepted by the homeland security service. Disturbing words that had aroused strong reactions.


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