War in Ukraine – Europe and the US, Draghi admits the “diversity” of interests: “We are allies, but a preventive reflection is needed”

“L’Europe is the ally of States Unitedtherefore the European visions are not in contrast with the USA. However, they are undergoing change and that is why this needs to be addressed diversity which will manifest itself shortly. It’s a preventive reflectionwe need to reflect on targets of this war and then decide “. The Prime Minister Mario Draghi the press conference is about to end a Washingtonafter the visit to the White House, when he openly manifests what his speech had already hinted: the targets from EU And Use on the war in Ukraine they are not at odds, but diverge more and more as the conflict continues. In fact, as he had already done yesterday during the part of the interview with the American president Joe Biden open to the cameras, Draghi insists on the need to “start wondering how to build the peace“. A specific peace that must not be imposed “by a certain type of allies or from other“. The premier admits that the war “has changed its face, initially it was a war in which it was thought there was a Goliath it’s a David“, While now the Russia “He is no longer Goliath”. It is time, however, that “all parties make an effort to get there Sit around a tablealso the USA“.

So speaks Draghi, who manages not to overreact too much so as not to disappoint Biden – “I thanked him for the role of leadership in this crisis ”- but at the same time to do spokesman of the new European demands for a greater commitment to the recovery of negotiations. The premier also looks at the requests that come from parties that make up its majority, it ranges between various topics to satisfy everyone: it insists on the need for a price cap of the gasasks one rationalization from the military spending in the EU before increasing them. And it interprets the fears of Italy and one of Europe war prolonged. On the one hand, because of the risk that it leads to a wider conflict: “We must not try to win, we must seek peace ”. On the other hand for the economic consequences and social. Draghi also talks about the fight against inflation and reassures us with regard to Italian growth: “It seems very difficult to me that this year there will be a recession“.

Peace and negotiations – “The meeting went very well, Biden has thanked Italy as a strong partner, ally reliablecredible interlocutor and I thanked him for the leadership role in this crisis and the great one cooperation that there was with all the allies ”, begins Draghi at the press conference. “We have agreed that we must continue to support Ukraine and to put pressure on Moscow but also to start wondering how peace is built“, Then underlines the premier. “The negotiation process is very difficult but the first point is how to build this negotiation pathit must be a peace that Ukraine wants, not a peace imposed by a certain type of allies or from other“, Adds Draghi, thus implicitly referring to Russia but also to Born.

Then Draghi admits what was claimed by whom disputed the new submission of weapons to Ukraine, or that “the war has changed physiognomy“. The premier explains: “Initially it was a war in which it was thought there was a Goliath it’s a Davidessentially of desperate defense which also seemed to fail, today the landscape has completely turned upside down, certainly there is no longer a Goliath, certainly the one that looked like a invincible power in the field and with conventional weapons it proved itself not invincible“. It’s a win for the United States, but then Draghi adds: “All parties have to make an effort to get to sit around a table, even the US “. And again: “At the beginning of the war in parliament it was said in Italy that we had to have a roleI replied that you don’t have to look for a rolewe must seek peace, whoever the people involved are the important thing is that they seek peace, not biased statements. We must not try to win, then the victory is not defined ”.

“With Joe Biden we talked about the food crisis caused by the blocking of grains various from Ukraine because i ports They are blocked. Lavrov said they are blocked because ports are mined. This can be a first example of dialogue which is built between two parts to save tens of millions of people ”, continues Draghi in his conference from Washington. “With Biden we shared the need to unlock the ports but collaboration will be needed of all parties. Insist on creating this peace table it means that contacts must be restarted at all levels, one must be able not to forget, because this is impossible, but to look to the future“, Insists the Prime Minister.

Roof on gas price – “I also reminded Biden about the possibility of putting a ceiling on the price of gasa hypothesis welcomed, even if the US administration is reflecting more on a ceiling on the price of petrolium that on gas, it was decided that we will soon talk about it again ”, continues Draghi. What about the energy market he adds: “The distortions are very strong in the EU, now the measures are in progress if they can be taken programming“But” we must be in the EU agree and as you know the opinions are not unanimous but on this we will continue to to move on“. A cap on the price of gas is the request made by Draghi since the beginning of the conflict, without however being able to receive the green light of the EU, due to the no from the countries of the North. “The reason why it came to our minds to put a cap on the price of gas is that the EU has power buyer from gas worldwide but certainly at the level of imports from Russia is such that must be exercised and in the specific case it would also reduce the financial aid to Putin to continue the war ”, explains Draghi. He then underlined that the US is making “the same reflection on petrolium: the idea is to create a buyers cartel or to persuade, perhaps the preferable way, theOpec in particular to increase production. A lot of work has to be done on both roads ”.

The increase in military spending – Draghi also addresses the theme ofEuropean strategic autonomyof a common defense and the increase in military spending. The prime minister explains: “The EU spends more than three times in military spending compared to Russia, there is a lot of duplication. The first thing to do is to organize one conference of all member states for rationalize there military spending before starting to think about increase it“. During the press conference at the Embassy of Italy he also touched on other topics. Remaining in the energy sector, he stresses, for example, that “a lot of investments are needed more strong“On renewable to maintain transition goals. And he adds: “The Italian government has taken numerous measures from simplification and we won’t hesitate to take more if we don’t see an increase in investments in renewables which also means actual installations “. Then he answers a question about the fight against inflation: “Central banks need to raise i taxi but if they increase them too much they make the country fall in recessionof this difficulty Lagarde is fully aware. The situation is very different between the US and the EU, in the US the labor market is fully employed, in Europe it is not, so the pace of normalization monetary policy will necessarily be different. We as a government can try to mitigate the lost from purchasing power on the weaker categories ”, explains Draghi. On the other hand, he is optimistic about the recession hypothesis: “To date, I do not see a recession this year: the reason is that we closed last year very very well and we carry a acquired growth. It seems very difficult to me that there could be a recession this year ”.

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