War in Ukraine | Draghi brings the “Europeans’ request for peace” to Biden. The White House says it is open: “But no signal from Putin”

“Our nations are unite in a strong way “. “You have been a good one friend and a big one ally“. The meeting in the White House between the prime minister Mario Draghi and the president of the United States Joe Biden it opens with the usual declarations on the strong link between Rome and Washington. Beyond appearances, however, the sentences of the Italian premier bring out the distances between the interests of Europe and those of the USA on the war in Ukraine. The new line dictated by Emmanuel Macron during his visit yesterday (Monday) to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also arrives overseas. And Draghi seems to want to insert himself in this groove: “In Italy and in Europe the people they think what we can do for bring peace“, He says in front of Biden. His words sound similar to that “we must to protect our population ”pronounced by the leader of the Elysée in Berlin. So much so that shortly after from White House comes a reply: “We continue to be open to one diplomatic solution in Ukraine but we don’t see any signals from the Russia what you want to engage along this path “, comments the spokesperson, Jen Psaki. One way to clarify what the position of the United States is.

Draghi is welcomed by Biden in the Oval office shortly after 8 pm Italian. “Putin thought of tear us apart, has failed ”, he begins in his interview. Then he lists what links Rome and Washington: “We are united in condemn the invasion of Ukraine, united in the sanctions and in helping Ukraine as the president asked us Zelensky“. And again: “The war in Ukraine has further strengthened the union”. The statements of him on the peace efforts instead they suggest that Draghi is closer to the European line. Something has changed in Europe between the announcement of his trip to the United States and his arrival at the White House. The symbol of this new position were Macron’s words: “Peace cannot be built humiliating Fly”. The EU has changed its tone and has returned to forcefully ask for an immediate truce and the resumption of negotiations. Draghi immediately warns Biden: “The war in Ukraine will bring gods massive changes in Europe“.

Then the Prime Minister renews the appeal from Brussels, Paris and Berlin: “In Italy and in Europe, people want end Of these massacres, of this violence, of this butchery. The people they think what we can do for bring peace“, Says Draghi to the White House. “We have to use each channel for the peacefor a ceasefire and the start of negotiations credible“, He adds again, repeating the appeals of Scholz and Macron. Then he goes back to underlining the role of Europe: “What is happening in Ukraine has led to a drastic change in the European Union, we were close and now we are even closer and I know that we can count on the your support as a sincere friend of the EU and Italy ”, he declares addressing Biden.

The US president replies with words of circumstance. He explains that “a European Union loud it is in the interest of the US ”, repeating a mantra which for days has been bouncing around among the leaders of the American administration to comment on the positions taken by the chancelleries of the Old Continent. Then he reiterates that “Italy’s cooperation is fundamental“And that the two countries” have a long history of shared ties “. Biden also adds that in the US there are “many Italian-Americans proud of theirs origins“. To understand what the White House really thinks we have to wait for the statements of spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who, answering a question about Draghi’s words, explains: “We continue to be open to a diplomatic solution in Ukraine but we don’t see any signals from the Russia who wants to commit to this path “. A clear clue how, beyond words, the interests of United States andEurope are divergent.

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