War in Ukraine: according to the CIA, around 15,000 Russians have died since the start of the fighting

About three times as many Russians have also likely been injured so far, CIA Director William Burns said Wednesday during a panel discussion at the Aspen Security Forum in the United States.

“And the Ukrainians also suffered – probably a little less,” he added, referring, however, to “considerable losses.” There are no current data from official services in Russia on the death toll.

According to the CIA chief, the consolidation of Russian forces in the Donbass indicates, at least for the moment, that the army has learned from the failures of the beginning of the war, which has now lasted for almost five months. “In a way, the Russian army has returned to a more comfortable situation – using its advance and firepower over long distances to hold Ukrainian targets at bay and destroy them effectively, and to compensate for military weaknesses that she always has.

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