war between "Show Partners" Y "THE M": "Get off the pony"

Each television era had its defined “versus”, and on current air TV they are Angel of Brito Y Rodrigo Lussichwho took over from the new chimentera generation and, of course, are rivals as drivers of ” THE M” Y “Show Partners”.

Unlike a few years ago, today everyone has at hand a tool that is as useful as it is dangerous: social networks, which allow everyone to express themselves, but also immediately generate an “archive” that is sometimes undesirable.

A few days ago in “LAM” they presented a report with images of “Intruders” and “TV Nostra” where the strong criticism that Rodrigo Lussich, Adrian Pallares Y Jorge Rial they did to Marcelo Tinelli for personal or work reasons. Angel narrowed: “Tinelli’s pancakes… People who have campaigned, who have been talking bad things for years and this year, magically, everything has changed, we’ve thrown a bucket of bleach at each other and it’s all love and peace. Pancakes for a dream”.

Controversy with Ángel de Brito and “LAM”.

Thursday, Rodrigo responded in his program eating several pancakes with dulce de leche on the air. And he sang, chicaning De Brito: “Everyone has what they deserve, that’s why we come to El Trece”. His enemy picked up the gauntlet and wrote on Twitter: “Everyone what they deserve” along with a couple of images in which it can be seen that the Lussich and Pallares cycle lost to “To the Barbarossa” Y “Ariel in her sauce”.

But Rodrigo Lussich he was not going to remain silent: “Same here! Get off the pony, it’s taller than you, leech!”, shouted in the same social network. The journalist also exposed the numbers of ” THE M” of that day, when “Intruders” managed to beat “LAM” within the same channel: Don’t spit on the rating, you’re pretty weak, former champion. Congratulations, Intruders, who yesterday was the most watched in America with the Wandagate. Geniuses!”

Spicy crosses in networks between Rodrigo Lussich and Ángel de Brito.

What did Angel of Brito? Of course, he followed her and tweeted: “Don’t be so aggressive. I thought you were a nice dancer. Does my height bother you? I also congratulate @intrusos, who raised the dead you left behind”.

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