War at Ornella and Pepa Koktová! Moldy old man, fuck her, flying through the ether

Charlotte Štiková she lost a respectable sixty kilos. In any case, her body benefited, but her head is worse. At least according to Ornella and Pepa. They think that the drastic weight loss completely changed her thinking and not exactly in a positive way.

“We’re having a little trouble with her, but hopefully she’ll get over it (…). I need her to hold her nose. (…) She’s angry and I need her to realize that it’s not a good way,” Pep expressed his concerns Stuttering (65) on social networks under a photo of a young pike taken by photographers at a Playboy party. On them, Charlotte looks visibly older, which Pepa did not hesitate to throw in the towel by saying: “Are you guessing your age?” That she looks 50 was probably the most friendly of all the comments.

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“A pretty girl turns into a ripped sixty-year-old, Orny and I are bad at it,” he later confided in Pepa to Super.cz that he has the feeling that the young girl is sick and that she is really playing with her health.

Instead, he brought down an avalanche of criticism on himself, directly from her family. “I’d rather not comment on it,” wrote her father Michal Štika, adding: “Charlottka, me and Barunka (former girlfriend of Michal Štika, editor’s note) stand by you. Pepa can’t allow this to happen to you.”

All the more, Bára herself got into Pepa. “Older men, let’s face it, but not moldy 65-year-old grandfathers who, for example, have three small children at this age with a young girl. The photo reminds me a little of Josef and Ornella Kokt. Of course, everyone’s life is the way it is, I am all the more shocked when someone who has butter on his head weighs in on a young girl (Charlotte) in public, because of his weight and old appearance, that’s really debilitating.” she expressed herself.

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