Wanted to exhibit David Beckham – but was put to hate himself: Now he admits his scam

In an attempt to expose David Beckham as a hypocrite, Joe Lycett exposed himself as tone deaf.

But now the comedian admits his controversial money stunt was one big hoax.

During the current World Cup, football legend David Beckham carries the mildly controversial title of ambassador for the championships in Qatar, which, as we are now familiar with, cracks down heavily on, among other things, homosexuality.

And as the British comedian Joe Lycett points out, the ambassadorship is only further problematized by the fact that David Beckham – despite his heterosexuality – has for years been a definite ‘gay icon’ and, among other things, graced the cover of the gay magazine Allure.

“You’re the first soccer star to do photo shoots with gay magazines like Allure, talk openly about your gay fans, and you married a Spice Girl, which is the gayest thing a person can do,” the comedian said, referring to David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham.

Joe Lycett, who himself is pansexual and fights for gay rights, therefore gave David Beckham an ultimatum: Drop the cooperation with Qatar and the alleged reward of 1.2 billion, and Joe Lycett will donate 85,000 kroner to LGBTQ+ charity. Or stay in the ambassadorship and watch the comedian shred the money.

David Beckham never went back on the ultimatum, and Joe Lycett’s social media followers could therefore watch a video on Sunday where the huge stack of money is being pulverized in a chipper. Which caused several to shoot sharply at the British comedian.

‘I become uncomfortably fashionable. Shredding money during a financial crisis when many are struggling to feed their families is not for me,’ reads one comment.

David Beckham continues to have a billion-dollar partnership with Qatar.

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‘This feels like a wet cloth on the face. The money means absolutely nothing to David Beckham so he’s very happy but to the average person £10,000 means everything,’ writes another.

However, others point out that Joe Lycett’s now-viral campaign for gay rights would have cost more than 85,000 if he had to pay for the slot.

And on Tuesday, the comedian can also reveal that the video was just that; a publicity stunt.

Knowing that David Beckham would never back down on the basis of his ultimatum, he therefore chose in advance to donate the money to charity and fabricate the video with the chipper.

“I would never be so irresponsible as to destroy real money. In fact, the £10,000 was already donated to an LGBTQ+ charity before my tweet,” Joe Lycett states in a video, revealing at the same time that the pile of money was real enough – but that the many scraps of paper that flew out of the chipper had no value.

On the other hand, Joe Lycett ends his stunt by throwing the aforementioned Allure cover with David Beckham’s face into the machine.

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