Wanted prisoner was on DR: Held a man captive in a cellar for three months

“I kept a man trapped in a cellar in Aarhus for three months (…) I had locked him in and tied him with duct tape and some handcuffs to a pipe. And then he got food once a day. I got 12 years for that. I deserved it.’

This is how Chris Funder Buch explained the reason for one of his sentences in ‘Inside with Anders Agger’which was broadcast in December 2021, where the TV host visited the Forensic Psychiatric Department at Viborg Hospital.

Just Chris Funder Buch has been in the media again on Friday because he has run away from the institution Søndersøparken.

“Chris is described as dangerous, and the Central and West Jutland Police encourage you to contact the police on 1-1-4 if you see Chris or know where he is,” the police district says in a press release.

In the program he made no secret of the fact that his goal was to get out again to the girlfriend and bonus daughter who were waiting for him.

“It’s not just her who’s waiting. It’s just as much me who thinks it’s difficult when you say goodbye at the door and they leave, and I just have to go into my room and be alone,’ he explains in the programme.

He tells how he already came to child psychiatry at the age of eight after growing up in a home with alcohol and violence. He received his first treatment sentence at the age of 18.

Chris Funder Buch also talks to Poul Mortensen, functional manager at the Forensic Psychiatry Department, about the anger management course he is on, which is going well, but he doesn’t want to tell the manager that he won’t make a fool of himself again.

The program ended with Chris Funder Buch regaining his unaccompanied exit after losing it for a period due to some episodes.

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