Want to Become a Crorepati? Check If You Have This RS 5 Note?

Earn lakhs of rupees from old 5 rupee note, know how and where to sell it!

earlier times In If our parents used to give us 1 or 2 rupees, then we would have got pocket money for the whole day because in earlier times everything used to be cheap, but if we talk about the present era, then even if we would have got 100 rupees pocket money. If so, we still find it less because with the passage of time, the price of everything has increased, the goods that we used to get earlier at only a few prices, today we have to pay very much for the same goods, one now The problem of unemployment has increased the problems of the people and secondly, in today’s era the price of all the goods is increasing day by day.
Even though we cannot do anything of the past, but we can do a lot with old coins and notes, all the people in this world have some specialty or some hobby, some of these There are people who are fond of collecting old notes and notes and they collect a lot of notes and coins but they do not know what to do with these notes and coins, you also have old coins and Note and you do not know what to do with all these coins and notes, so today we have brought big news related to old coins and notes, with the help of which you can become a millionaire, yes it is absolutely true, you too Lakhpatis can be made with the help of old coins and notes. Let us tell you how you can become a millionaire from old coins and notes, if you also want to become a millionaire, then stay connected with this article with us. old 5 rs note news 5 rs old note value 5 rupee note sale 5 rupee note exchange 5 rupee note Want to Become a Crorepati

when corona Since the virus has ended, the trend of selling old coins and notes has increased significantly. There is also old coins and notes, so you can also sell your old coins and notes on the online website.

Let’s know how to sell old coins and notes!

if your You also have old coins and notes and if you want to sell them, then we will help you to sell your old coins. Where you can sell your Kohinoor.
First of all you have to come to the official website of coin market.com, after that you have to register your name there, after that you have to take a good photo of your old coins and notes, then you have to upload that photo to this website. And through the website, the information of your coins and notes goes to all the users, whichever buyer would like to buy it, they will contact you directly through this website, you can talk directly to that buyer and take the face value of your old coin and note. It depends on you or that buyer, how much you sell your coin and how much that customer has bought your coin, in this way with the help of your old coins and notes, you can become a millionaire overnight.

Earned lakhs of rupees from 5 rupee note:

if your There is also an old 5 rupee note, you can also become a millionaire overnight, but for that you do some conditions that whatever old coin you had, special rare figures should be made on that note or coin, in the same way. Whichever old 5 rupee note you have, it should have special shapes made on it. And for your information also tell this if you have old 5 rupee note whose serial number should be 786, you also have this serial You can also become a millionaire by selling it and selling it overnight, in fact the number 786 is considered very sacred in all religions, let us tell you that people auction millions of crores of rupees to buy this serial number note. Give that the price of any note or coin has not come on the online website, that price is fixed after the agreement of the buyer and the seller.

customer old Buy notes and coins according to their specialty, most people like to buy those coins which are very old, as well as being old, they should be made of silver and brass because most people like it only. If you have a coin with the picture of Mata Vaishnavi Devi, then you can earn crores of rupees by selling it. But the condition is that there should be a serial number of 786 digits on that note, only then you can get lakhs of crores of rupees instead.


friends we In this article, you have been told how to earn money by selling old coins or notes, if you liked this article, then do not forget to share it or share it with all your friends so that if they have old coins and Note if you have any question related to this then you can definitely tell us in comment.Want to Become a Crorepati,Want to Become a Crorepati,Want to Become a Crorepati,Want to Become a Crorepati,Want to become a Crorepati,Want to become a Crorepati,Want to become a Crorepati,old 5 rs note news,old 5 rs note news,old 5 rs note news,old 5 rs note news,5 rs old note value ,5 rs old note value ,5 rs old note value,5 rupee note sale ,5 rupee note sale ,5 rupee note sale,5 rupee note exchange,5 rupee note exchange

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FAQ About Exchange Rs 5 note for 1 lakh rupee?

✔️How do I sell my 5rs old note?

The old Rs 5 note should have the picture of a tractor on it. The note issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is extremely rare if the number 786 is also printed on it. If you have Rs 5 notes with these features then you can sell them online on coinbazzar.com, Step 2: Register yourself as a seller

✔️What is the rate of old 5 rupees?

If you have a Rs 5 note, you can fetch up to Rs 30,000, However, there are some conditions. All you need is an old Rs 5 note with a picture of a tractor on it and you can get as much as Rs 30,000 for it.

✔️How can I exchange 5 rs note?You can auction old coins, notes easily on websites like ebay, If you also have a clean photo of the above mentioned Rs 5 note then you need to upload it on the website. The process of auction will start once you will upload the photo of Rs 5 note on the website.
✔️What is the cost of 5 rupees note in India?

5 Rupees Common note can be only up to the value of 10 to 400 Rupees and value/price depend mostly on its condition & governor. Some rare notes are with the sign of Amitav Ghosh & YV Reddy have Value up to 400 Rs

✔️How do I sell my old notes?

Step 1: Open the homepage of eBay – www.ebay.com.
Step 2: Then, get yourself registered as a seller by clicking on the registration tab on the homepage.
Step 3: You will have to take a good picture of the currency note you want to sell and upload it on the platform.

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