Wanessa, with a transparent look, receives an unusual compliment from Dado Dolabella in a show: ‘Can you see the drool?’

Statement by Dado Dolabella to Wanessa in concert melts fans

After months of keeping the relationship a secret, Wanessa and Dado publicly assumed their relationship posing backstage at a show. On this day, the actor made a surprise for his girlfriend, stopping the presentation to declare himself.

“Twenty-two years later. That girl I knew, a rebel without a cause, who just wanted to be happy. Now, that fuck* woman who feels and represents all her causes, illuminating all the shadows she goes through. Prodigal daughter, mother devout. This wonderful goddess (…). I just wanted to tell you one thing: gratitude. Gratitude for toasting us with the nectar of the stars. And leaving us that taste of heaven. Shine it on [brilhe, em inglês]🇧🇷

Wanessa’s family reacts to plans for a new pregnancy

After moving in together at the singer’s house, Wanessa and Dado have new plans for their relationship. According to columnist Lucas Pasin, they intend to have a child.

The couple’s plans have already been communicated to friends and family who supported Wanessa’s new pregnancy. Incidentally, recently, some fans raised the possibility that she was already pregnant after her sister, Camilla, posed with her hand on her belly.

“Wanessa and Dado live the feeling of ‘true love’, they are intense, they throw themselves into the relationship with emotion, and when they talk about children they have the support of the family”, said a source heard by columnist Lucas Pasin.

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