Wanessa Camargo responds to trials amid the turbulent separation involving Dado Dolabella

Separated from Marcus Buaiz after 17 years of relationship, Wanessa Camargo is in the eye of the storm. Amid rumors about a reunion with Dado Dolabella, with the right to a rented house and lunch on a commemorative date, the singer decided to ignore the rumors and publish a message that can be read as a response to the many comments about her personal life..

+ Wanessa’s friend reveals the real reason for the singer’s separation from Marcus Buaiz

On Instagram, Wanessa published an excerpt from a presentation by Maria Bethânia, where she talks, precisely, about judgments. The authorship of the message has already been attributed to Clarice Lispector. “Before judging my life, put on my shoes and walk the path I walked, live my sorrows, my doubts. Long live my joys. Walk through the years I’ve walked, stumble where I’ve stumbled and get up. Just like I did!”, says the baiana, in the video.



For the portal Na Telinha, a friend close to Wanessa said that the reason for the breakup would have been Marcus Buaiz’s temper. “Wanessa has been dissatisfied for years. Marcus is a difficult, manipulative person, everything has to be his way. He was never a lord, he was always an ogre and I think Wanessa is tired, now she is calm“, he said.

According to columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, The couple began to drift apart because of the singer’s Panic Syndrome crises. Also according to the publication, she refuses to seek treatment. However, the main trigger was the reunion with Dado, with whom Wanessa dated for two years in the 2000s.

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